Friday, March 06, 2009

IF: Intricate

The intricate pattern of her clothes was nothing compare to the intricate problems going on inside her head.
I made this one 1/2 size and you still can't see the pattern but trust me its there.


  1. it is visible michael. i can see it. this is a beautiful illustration. i like silk chinese textiles and sometimes i wonder if the patterns has some meanings-

    have a nice weekend.

  2. o, i can see it michael… but trust me, i wouldn't have had you not told me… great illo… and such mystery!

  3. This is second try, a goofy error page came up.

    I can see the pattern, and reninds me of a ram's horns.

    She is slumped in her chair, and her face has a resigned look to it. She looks lost in thougt

    Beautiful red, and her body language really reflects your words.

  4. I can see it well- beautiful piece! would also be great woodcut or monoprint.

  5. this is beautiful. the composition works well, but what i really like is the boldness of the colour and the lines of the chair ... right her back. perfect.