Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Marketing is all about presentation. If you present a product just right there will always be someone willing to buy it. Point in case I phones, I pods, your connection to the internet to mention a few, Sure they're nice to have make us feel cool and in step with the rest of society, but seriously do you really need them. Do the make your life easier, better, more fulfilling or are you a slave to them. Do they control you and what you do. Just something to ponder next time your at a lost as to what to think about standing in the check outline.


  1. So True...love the soft glow of the glass here. Great illo! I'd buy it! ;-b

  2. I really like your social commentary. Very deep!

  3. I totally agree. I am amazed at the things that people will buy and just as amazed by the things they don't want to have to pay for. Nice work.

  4. super beautiful Michael!
    you did good! this has a mystical quality that i love, reminds me of the medicine show sort of feel. very cool!
    your comment made me laugh :D
    no house this week, every once in a while I like to throw a curve ball just to see if you are paying attention :D have a nice weekend!