Saturday, May 06, 2006

IF: fat


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  2. Looks like he is looking at me.
    I love this illo!

  3. I lived in Hawaii once & saw many of these guys. Great use of color!!!

    The Tart
    ; )

  4. Don't know if I'd call this guy 'fat' to his face. I agree with The Tart... the colors here, especially the lighting on the mat, are very good.

  5. He is very, very substantial looking human being, wow! Sharp piece of work!

  6. hey another sumo guy! nice work....thanks for the blog comment.... agreed about the women sumo's... only problem is neither of the sumo's in my illustration are meant to be females...they're both guys... hence the surprised loook on the right hand guy... heh... ahh well so people think my sumo's are ladies and my dragons are spilt vases of flowers...seems i gotta practice more! thankgoodness for illustration friday...all the best...lea..