Friday, January 01, 2010


Its the year of the Tiger. It comes only once every 12 years and now has come twice since my daughter was born. She just spent her 1st new year's away from home with friends in New York. It also was her 1st time flying the friendly skys by herself too.

New years, like new days I feel, are God's way of letting us know we haven't got it right yet, and he's giving us another chance to do so. Maybe one of our resolutions should be is to TRY HARDER to get it RIGHT. To be more loving, compassionate and lil more tolerant of each other. I mean after all none of our sorry asses are perfect. In the coming days, weeks and months a head try to focus a lil more on doing these things and I bet you'll have a more meaningful and productive NEW YEAR!

IF: renewal


  1. Happy Year of the Tiger! Grrrowl! (that's a happy growl)

  2. YUP! i'm gonna try to get it right this year! Great illo, layout and sentiment!

  3. Loving your message Michael! Thanks for all the great comments, art and thoughtful ideas. We will shine in this New Year :D Happy 2010!

  4. What a great message, Michael! Compassion is so important - we are all trying to be ourselves and we need to be kind to one another. Your tiger looks strong and serene! Happy New Year!

  5. great illustration lovely message. Good luck and more blessings. Happy New year Michael.

  6. MD, when did you start this blog?!

    Anyway, looks like you've been busy doing some terrific things.
    I like what you have to say regarding a new year and a new start.

    I'm hoping I can be true to myself this year, that way I won't let others down if I don't constantly let myself down ;)

    Happy, happy new year to you!