Friday, January 15, 2010


The Ness Family

The Ness family where as Scottish as they came. They could trace their ancestry back to before Scotland was known as Scotland.
Wilder was Loch's lil brother and they could be always found swimming in the family lake. People would come for miles to see them swim. They never could understand why though. It was rumored that they had a distant cousin across the pond named Eliot, who was known to tangle with bad guys in da Windy City. But thats another story.


  1. Being of Scottish decent, I love this! Ol' Nessie herself.

  2. Great story! Nice colors, gives a feel of a lazy summer day.
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Very nice! It drew me right into their story...great job.

  4. you had me at castle!!! this is so soft and misty and romantic!!! love this very much and the story too ;)

  5. i love this michael! scottish weather and the yellow tree perfect for the castle.