Saturday, May 26, 2007

"what time is it? STANLEY TIME!!!! "

This is a illo from a previous post for IF: mighty i did back in Dec. Since its CUP time, i just wanna remind all u americas its the high flying ducks from Tinsel Town against Canadas own Senators from Ottawa. Startin this monday Lord Stanley don't care who wins just as long as there's someone to drink from his cup after they hoist it up above their heads for the crowds.


  1. The team spirit is split in my house. I want the Senators and hubby wants the Ducks. Actually, we'd both love the Boston Bruins to win but there's no chance of that!

  2. Here in Ottawa, it is really crazy! I just like the all fun people are having right now.(Normally, Ottawa is a kind of sleepy town..)

  3. you called it..... congratulations.. !
    The Senators didnt own it this year...